The position of geo-coding technologies at Akbank is crucial for defining customer needs as an edge of new generation customer analytics and CRM vision. With the supervision of this statement, we designed a multi functional geo-coding system in 2011which is integrated with a holistic CRM system.

The main aims of this sub-system were to figure out the geographical analytics and information of our echo system which covers customers, distribution networks and business partners and to improve the two way efficiency between service and sales functionalities via multi channel approach.

This high complex system design which refers to more than 40 million unit sizes brings a solid requirement of a geo-tagging system which we cooperated with Visiothink Co. to implement Navteq and ESRI solutions in a hybrid way. (ESRI, the market leader in the industry, is one of our partners on geographic analysis subject and provides usGeographic Information System (GIS) software and geographical data management applications. NAVTEQ, that we cooperate on map and road network infrastructure studies, is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data (digital location content) enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world.)

We planned to manage the project with two phases in order to track the success of each phase easily and manage the project more efficiently.

Primarily, we identified the X-Y coordinates of the locations for nearly 40 million customers, approximately 300 thousand member merchants, 900 branches and 3750 ATMs by using the map information provided by Navteq and the geocode algorithm which was established by Visiothink. Also, 500k POIs including hotels, pharmacies, restaurants and other retailers gathered from Navteq's map infrastructure were added to our main data sources. So, we created our map layer, which would be the basis database for system improvements and location based analyses. After completing the first phase, what we could do were systematical developments and analyses with ArcGIS, a product of ESRI.

On the second phase of the project, we started systematical developments with Visiothink to improve the system infrastructure. Some interesting functionalities that had been developed can be listed as below;

Winning the Gartner CRM Excellence Award (EMEA Region 2011) as the first bank in Turkey returns a high responsibility for deeply exploring the needs of customer and developing custom solutions for them which can only be accomplished with continuously improving customer focused systems.

The importance of integration between advanced customer analytics and customer management strategies will be much more important in the near future. With the confidence of this successful project with Visiothink, we can easily state ourselves as much more prepared for upcoming years.

Yours Sincerely,
Attila Bayrak, PhD.
Senior Vice President
CRM Division